Become a D.A.R.E. Officer Practitioner!

The Association is offering a certification process called the D.A.R.E. Officer Practitioner Certification.  The purpose of this program is to give D.A.R.E. Officers the recognition you deserve for the superior training you have received and the skills you have developed.  The Practitioner Certification will encourage officers and agencies to provide you with more advanced training.  The program should also answer many critics who voice their opinion (often stated as facts) that D.A.R.E. officers are not qualified to teach in the classroom.

In order for the program to achieve these goals the standards must be set high.  While not every D.A.R.E. officer will qualify for the Practitioner Certification we pledge to maintain a balance between high standards and flexibility were possible. We encourage you to review all the requirements and to apply if you meet the standards.  An example of the flexibility that would be considered would be if an applicant held a Master's degree from an accredited university but was short in hours for advanced law enforcement training.  Likewise, if an applicant was short in college credits but substantially exceeds the advanced law enforcement training requirements the application would be considered based on its individual merits.  In cases such as the two examples the applicant needs to include a letter that explains why they believe they have met the standards required and why their waiver should be considered.

The standards for recognition as a D.A.R.E. Officer Practitioner are as follows:

  1. Five (5) years continuous law enforcement experience.
  2. Three (3) years continuous experience as a D.A.R.E. Officer.
  3. An Associate's degree or 60 semester hours credit from an accredited college or university.
  4. 120 hours advanced law enforcement in-service training.
  5. Attend a minimum of one (1) FDOA Annual Training Conference.
  6. A letter of recommendation from a supervisor in the applicant's chain of command.
  7. A letter of recommendation from a principal of a school where the applicant currently teaches the D.A.R.E. curriculum.

Contact Wayne Brooks with questions about the Practitioner Certification.

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